Option to collapse Derivative Palette dropdown on startup (or just remember last state in saved file)

Not much more to say, but I could tell a little story.

I thumbed through the Derivative palette, and it’s chalk full of things to learn and quickly utilize. No doubt. But 99% of the time I reach for something in the palette, it’s because I made it & I saw it being useful again. What you’ve got going is very elegantly integrated in the software, but this is one of those things that I butt up against while running full speed enough that it merited typing out.

The real issue is the more you make modules, the more frequent that thorn pops up in new projects and old. I know you folks are busy implementing things I can’t even comprehend, but this is just a huge quality of life thing in my world.


Just to clarify, you mean the Derivative folder remembers open or close during save state?
I was testing that the whole palette pane remains open or close on save state and that works.

Ah yes, I have no issue with the pallet being docked or not. I’m specifically talking about within the pallet window, and the folder structure within that.

It just defaults to having the Derivitive folder expanded, and resets on project load. I only recently realized I could collapse the default, but I would rather have my organization not auto-burried.