option to use screen UV values for dragging panel components

I’m looking for a way to drag panel components based on the screen UV values instead of absolute xy coordinates.

The use case is:
I’m developing touchscreen UI’s for 4k layout, but only have a HD touchscreen in my studio to develop on (as 4k touchscreens are still a bit out of my budget).
So when I have a Container COMP which is 3840x2160, and view it fullscreen on my 1920x1090 touchscreen, and I start to drag a Button COMP around which is in that container, the position of the Button COMP will lag behind more and more the further I drag it - I guess this is because TD is listening to the absolute xy coordinates of my screen which are half of what they would be on a 4k touchscreen.

So if somewhere there would be a toggle for: ‘use screen UV values for dragging’ that would help me a lot. Or if I have overlooked an option I’d love to hear it!

If you are using a Panel’s ‘Drag to Reposition’ features this just sounds like a bug, would love to confirm that if you can upload a file?

If you are rolling your own positioning, you can use a monitors dpi_scale info or compare window’s open size to container’s size and scale it yourself, but I don’t think that is what you are up to here.

Hey Ben,
I’m using the ‘Drag to reposition’ features in 2018.27750 on Win10.
Example with readme DAT attached
dragging-example.toe (4.62 KB)

Thanks, these bugs are now in the system and we’ll try to look at this as soon as possible.

The re-positioning bug will be fixed in 2019.11400+, still sorting out the scaling.

Hi Ben,
thx for update. Is there an option to apply the repositioning bugfix to the official release as well?
As I can’t work in experimental on my clients projects.

Also the children scaling bug (children 0.5 scale) is low priority for me (I only tried that to try solving the issue with repositioning on 4k/HD screen).