opToJSONOp dump breaks with all extra attributes if a par is bound

When all attributes are enabled, opToJSONOp dump breaks if the op has a bound parameter. This feels similar to this post from a couple of weeks ago, but binding doesn’t seem to be working at all with a JSON dump, getting the error “TypeError: Object of type Par is not JSON serializable”.

I’ve attached an example .tox file, it could be I’m doing something wrong. Thanks so much!

opToJSONOpBind.tox (7.8 KB)

Build: 2022.33910

OS: Windows

Thank you for report. This is a known bug that is fixed in experimental and will be fixed in the next official release

Ah sorry for not checking experimental before posting. Thanks so much!

Checking experimental before reporting bugs in official is not expected! Post anything you find :wink: