opviewTOP unexpected behavior

2021 build
opView_alpha.toe (3.9 KB)
not sure if this is a bug or is behaving as designed, but I would expect the opposite behavior of these containers, whose backgrounds are set to opviewerTOPS with and without alpha preserved.

Ideally I’d end up with a panel that retains a checkered background to indicate alpha. It seems like I get that behavior from the one that doesn’t have alpha, not the one that does

Hello @drmbt and thanks for the report.

I think the default behaviour when TD is set to checkered background is the proper behaviour.

Container1 is black because of the transparency, Container2 appears checkered because the opView TOP opview1 does draw the checkered background as if it was not alpha but part of the image (circle1).

However, I noticed something odd (it behaves like Preserve Alpha is always on) when changing preferences to have a black background instead of checkered.

I’ll add that in our backlog for a developer to look at it.