Orbbec Femto Bolt


I’ve read quite a few posts about issues with the Femto Bolt from late 2023. Are these issues resolved yet? Is it safe for me to budget this sensor for my next installs? I will primilarely be using the Orbbect TOP for the IR stream.
Also, if the nodes aren’t fully functional yet, how hard would it be to use the API and stream video directly into TD? The tracking part is not very important to us right now.


I’m doing testing with the Femto Bolt and it seems OK so far. I am however experiencing lag/delay on the point-cloud output.

Hey, thanks for ur input. I’ve read that the camera would default to passive IR without the possibility to set it active. Is this happening to you? That would be really nice if not!

The current Orbbec TOPs are pretty full featured aside from some advanced camera specific options like color adjustments. Our testing so far has been with the Femto Mega, Gemini and Astra cameras (which all seem to be working well), but I can only go on what others tell me about the Bolt.

Orbbec says the Bolt should have the same performance as the Mega, but I realize users on the forum here have had some issues with lag and dropped frames on the Bolt. The Bolt doesn’t have the onboard processor that the Mega does and I don’t know if that is contributing to what they are seeing.

In the latest 11600 release of TouchDesigner we have updated to the 1.9 SDK from Orbbec which was their latest about a month ago.

If you don’t need the body tracking, then I’d recommend using the Orbbec TOP rather then the Kinect Azure TOPs. The Video Device In TOP can be used for getting the color image from the Orbbec cameras, but does not support IR or depth images. I know of at least one user who is using the API directly through a custom CPlusPlus TOP, but that shouldn’t be necessary unless you’re looking for

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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As far as I know, the passive IR issue was related to an older SDK that we were using in the first release. I believe that should be working now.

Hi @robmc thanks for the info on the bolt.
I’m still experiencing about 1second lag on the depth image compared to the color image after trying different cables and different computers, is this to be expected.
My setup is a Femto bolt with the latest firmware latest build of Touch 2023.11600
If it is normal behaviour do you have any tips which may help reduce the lag?