Orbbec Lidars compatibility?

Hello all,

I’m doing some research on lidars and I see that Orbbec offers two models of lidars MS200 and MS500.

The specs are interesting and so are the prices.
But I wonder if they are compatible with the OrbbecTOP operator currently available in TouchDesigner.
Do you have any information on this subject?
Thanks a lot!

Don’t think they are.
They are completely different hardware that the kinect clone

I think Orbbec’s lidar devices use a different SDK. All of the devices supported by the SDK that we are using are listed on the github page here: GitHub - orbbec/OrbbecSDK: Orbbec SDK C/C++ base core lib

ok, so how would I be able to use those Orbbec Lidars data in TouchDesigner ?

I’m not too sure how to use those in TouchDesigner. There is a different SDK link on the lidar web page (MS200 - ORBBEC - 3D Vision for a 3D World) which downloads some files that appear to be for the ROS platform, but the readmes are in chinese so I don’t really know what the requirements are.

Just looking at the manual now and that does give some more information on the communication protocol for the lidar devices.

It mentions the SDK, but it looks like you could also theoretically just read all of the lidar data with a UDP In DAT and a little python code to process it. Configuration might be a little trickier, but you could likely do that with the external Orbbec viewer tool and just use TouchDesigner as a data receiver.

We do have our Pro Support system where we could potentially help with the development of these tools as well if you are interested.