Original instanced SOP at the center when Instancing Geometry

Hi there, I was playing around with instancing geometry, and there’s always a static circle at the center which I assume is the original circle SOP I used for instancing. How can hide it so it doesn’t show up in the render TOP?

I managed to hide it in older project, but couldn’t seem to figure it out this time :sweat_smile:
Appreciate your suggestions, thanks!

How do you have your geometry parameter filled out in the render TOP? Looks like there are a couple of dotted grey lines coming from geo1. Under normal use cases with the default " * " that shouldn’t dig deeper than 1 level for geos. maybe somehow it is anyways?

Can you share the .toe file that’s exhibiting this? Should be easy to fix if we can see the issue.

NewProject.toe (5.6 KB)

Hi @malcolm , here is the toe file,

Hi @lucasm, I switched between " * " and " geometry 1 ", both turned out the same?

This seems correct offhand. The instance channels have two entries sitting at 0,0,0, both the first sample and the last sample in the CHOP. If you use a Trim CHOP to remove those samples, that instance goes away.