Original Xbox 360 Kinect

Hey guys,

Anyone out there still using the original Xbox Kinect on Windows 10?

I am going to buy one of those power supply cables so it can connect to my laptop but I just want to see if it is still compatible with TD. There are a few posts in here about it working fine but they are from ten years ago.

Cheers in advance.

Yes mine still works. I’m not sure all models of Kinect are compatible with the PC interface, but if you get one that is, they definitely still talk to TD

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Hi Ivan,

Thank you for letting me know. What model do you have?

Mine says Kinect for WINDOWS on the bottom of the base, which I think is the important part. Others may well work, but other people probably know better.

Yeah, your Kinect is different to mine. Your Kinect would always work because it was for Microsoft. Your cable would be different as well I think. Hopefully someone with the same as me responds. I know the Xbox Kinects have worked with TD but no one has posted about it in the past couple years. Derivative themselves told me on email that it should still work because they haven’t changed anything on their end in regards to Kinect compatibility but they hadn’t tested it so I just wanted to check in the forum.

Thanks for your response.