OSC control of dropdown menu

Goal: Have resolume trigger an item from a menu in touchdesigner.

Issue: The OSC sent from resolume reads like this when triggering clip clip 2

/composition/layers/2/clips/3/connected) INT32(1)

/composition/layers/2/clips/2/connected) INT32(3)

i just cannot figure out how to assign a unique osc string to each unique menu item.

I need to convert a group of strings and assign a integer to each and then merge so i can use that value to control the menu. I nwat to be able to use each unique osc string thats coming in to control the dropdown menu in a notch node to select the layers.
Select from list.toe (30.1 KB)

Hi @destroythings,

just wondering what the value 1 and value 3 stand for when triggering clip 2? Is it that triggered clips have a value of 3 and all other clips a value of 1?

Initially I would have recommended to make use of the Fan CHOP (have a look at the snippets for examples) as multiple channels can be converted into a single index - but I’m not sure what these values from Resolume mean or how they behave.


Thanks i will take a look.

I also don’t understand the 1 and 3 integer values i am receiving.
int1 = clip disabled
int3= clip active

If it was 0 and 1 it would make much more sense.

Hi @destroythings,

if it is indeed 1 and 3 for disabled / enabled, you could use the Math CHOP to rerange these values to 0-1 and then make use of the Fan CHOP to generate a single value index that can be exported onto the menu.


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Thanks. I am much closer now. Fan CHOP worked great.