OSC message format for controlling Live

I’m interested in exploring how the python shell you’ve created for accessing Live’s API can be used from other applications (if you don’t mind :slight_smile: )

As close as I could get, I had thought it would use ‘/shell/runCode’ as the address, and argument as something like ‘SONG.stop_all_clips()’.

Am I completely off base here? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I think I figured out my problem. The ‘source’ port that my messages were being sent from kept changing every time the messsage was sent to Live.

Because I was only doing one ‘connect’ call at the beginning of my session, these additional ports were not registered as a ‘client’. So the ‘/shell/runCode’ commands were failing.

So I had to alter TDA.py to insert an ‘addClient’ within the ‘onMsgShell’ function to register these new ports. I don’t know how else to have these ports registered if they change every time a message is sent to Live?