OSC Query Server Component - 2020-03-24 20:05

OSC Query Server Component

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Nice work! Super useful tool and a great solution for easy sequencing of parameters externally as part of larger multimedia system.

Any plans to go the other way? To create components with custom parameters matching incoming JSON?

I guess you could also use this approach to automate building a UI on a second TouchDesigner machine over the network by parsing the JSON and creating matching widgets and sending their values back out over OSC.

Very promising! Thanks for sharing.

Ever since vidvox/vdmx released this, i’ve been wondering when someone would implement this in TD. I hope Derivative takes note of this and makes an official implementation because this brings OSC and parameter control and storage to the next level.

Thanks for sharing this, looking forward to checking it out.

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No plans to go that way. I’m more happy to use specialised software for controlling TD machines.

It should be quite straight forward to build something like this. Basically this component can act as one side. The other side needs to be implemented.

One thing to note is that with the translation of TD parameters to OSCQuery you loose some information that you might want when recreating the parameters on the other side. For example a XY and a UV parameter are both translated to 2D float OSC parameter. Maybe you could highjack the extended_types attribute of the OSCQuery spec.

@mynameiscorey What you might find useful is that this component now comes with a web app to control the custom parameters.