OSC with Stream Deck through Bitfocus Companion

Hello, I am working on getting Bitfocus Companion to read feedback from TouchDesigner over OSC so that I can have feedback on my stream deck. I have made a clumsy test component that technically works. It can be laggy at times but it does work.
Here is the tox component:
OSCcompanion.tox (8.3 KB)

Companion config is currently setup for page 3 and uses the GenericOSC connection. I have it running with version 3.1.2 and TouchDesigner version 2022.35320 on a Mac OS, but it should work fine on Windows. Config can be found here:
companion config

This is focused on changing the color background, but you can find the whole list of available feedback within the settings on Companion, things like font color, pressing buttons, changing text, etc.

Hopefully somebody finds this useful, and hopefully somebody can help expand on this since I am new to python and I’ll bet there’s a more efficient way to accomplish this.

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