Oscillator Orchestra

I made a little guitar tuner, and from that spawned a pitch based audio oscillator orchestra that ingests mp3s or other chop audio. and spits out cheesy ultra low-fi Music! Yes!

youtube.com/playlist?list=P … egjXORSW47


All of these songs are reproduced with audio oscillators inside Touchdesigner. 32 Oscillators of various types mimic the original stereo audio track by analyzing it’s frequencies and volume levels.

It’s pretty trippy I feel like I can make out lyrics in the Everclear one.

LOL all of these , sans the Frusciante, track already got flagged as copyright material minutes after upload, Youtubes bot’s analyzed them as being the orginials!!

These are clearly not the originals, as ALL the tones are newly generated by Audio Oscillator chops in Touchdesigner!!! Are songs themselves protected, or just recordings?

I’m not sure if the copyright holders or their bot’s have a claim. It’s telling me if I agree then the owners (Sony etc.) get to monetize my video. If I don’t agree I will likely lose my videos audio!


Oscillator_Orchestra.1.toe (9.76 MB)

I had a request to share this. It is a large file because embedded is a sample audio track. Melodic music works better than Rhythmic music, so the standard Touch sample isn’t that great.

  1. go into perform mode(f1) wait a second for the silence at the start of the track to elapse. if you do not hear anything after a few seconds, go inside the network and ensure the appropriate audio device is selected for your machine /Oscillator_Orchestra/audiodevout1

2.If still no music turn down the resolution until you hear drop free music, and further reduce fft size until you hear drop free music.

further comments inside

Thank you for sharing!