OSCin CHOP issue


I am trying to get OSC messages into TD via OSCin CHOP but doesn’t seem to work. No messages received at all whatever the IP or port configuration.

It works fine with OSCin DAT and when using another software like Resolume.

Could it be a bug ?

The workaround for now is to use UDPin DAT or OSCin DAT


Hey @Gallo

Which version of TouchDesigner are you using ?

Which OS version are you using ?

What’s your network setup ? locally ? Across the LAN?

I cannot reproduce on the latest TouchDesigner version, on Windows.



Sorry i omit those precious information.

Latest Touchdesigner version under Windows 10.
On our LAN between two different VLAN subnets (one wired network, the other on a wifi network). Both VLANs are interconnected and see each other.

TD is running under windows. The control machine under MacOS Sonoma with a control app built with Chataigne.


If you have both the DAT and the CHOP active in the same file looking at the same port, the DAT gets data and the CHOP does not?
What kind of data is being sent? Can you show a screenshot of the data the DAT is seeing?


Tested various combinations here and it seems to work as expected.

Did iOS (Zigsim) to TD, Windows and Mac, TD to TD Win to Win and Win to Mac or Mac to Win … etc.

I proceeded to test sending a signal value from Chataigne (MacOS) to TD on Windows, OSC In CHOP, and the value did come in as expected.

Did you check your windows firewalls?

ok thanks for the feedback.
I tend to disable the firewall on windows as i am heavily relying on NDI setup but i didn’t check this time. But OSCin DAT worked so i didn’t pay attention. Will try again on monday when i am back to work.

thanks a lot