OSCQuery protocol


It would be great to have OSCQuery protocol implemented into Touch so we can expose OSC parameters on the network to drive TD.

OSCQuery makes it possible for any OSCQuery enabled app to grab and drive parameters of any other OSCQuery app. You can also access it via pre-built web pages

Multiple apps are now compatible : VDMX (obviously), Madmapper, Millumin…

You can use OSCQuery Helper / Browser to use it in app that don’t implement it yet, but only in macOS

see it in action along with docs in the Vidvox page


Hey Gallo,

I have created a TD component to expose custom parameters through OSC Query.
Component: https://github.com/jonglissimo/td-osc-query-server
Community post: https://derivative.ca/community-post/asset/osc-query-server-component