Ouster TOP still limited to 2.x firmware.?

We’re hoping yo use the OSDome ouster LIDAR, which seems to require 3.x firmware. The ouster TOP docs mention its 2.x Firmware only .

Is this still the case or is it (hopefully) a leftover from earlier TD versions ?

Any supported alternatives out there ?

We’ve got a completely rebuilt Ouster TOP coming to the 2023 build at some point that will support the version 3 firmware and the new dome sensors. Ouster deprecated the API that we had been using up until now, so it took a little more work to update our support.

We’ve got an internal experimental build here that you’re welcome to try: Dropbox - TouchDesigner.2022.35311.4.exe - Simplify your life

We’re using Ouster’s SDK now, so theoretically it should support all of their sensor models, but I don’t actually have a firmware 3 compatible sensor to test with, so any feedback would be welcome.

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