Output one perform mode across 3 monitors

Hi there!

I’m putting together an installation this week, and I will use TouchDesigner to render the visuals. The space will be a closed space using 3 monitors. I have a photo showing what it will look like.

I only want to use one perform mode, and the 3 monitors will act as one, playing one perform window.

Would anyone know how this would be setup on TouchDesigner? Is it something that is done with the display settings? (I will be using mac mini to connect to the monitors). Or can I do this setup in the perform window?

Thanks a lot.

You basically just place the perform window on the leftmost monitor, and make its width span all three monitors (ie. horizontal monitor resolution x 3). Disable borders, and optionally select Always on Top.

In OS display settings, make sure the monitors are aligned side by side, no special settings required; ie. the desktop should just span all three monitors (at least in Windows; I’m guessing same for MacOS).

Set the size of the window not via the Window OP itself, but on the operator it’s pointing to (perhaps you’re using a Container COMP). It’ll be a huge number, here’s what mine happens to be for spanning across 3 monitors at weird resolutions:

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Thank you for your reply! I tried what you told me and I still cannot seem to drag the perform window across the multiple monitors. It only lets me drag the window to one monitor at a time and it cuts off the window if I drag part of it over.

Yes, I am using a container comp and I have the width set to 3240 by 1920. I think that’s correct when I stack 3 rotated 1920x1080 rectangles side by side.

Is this an issue with the display settings or is it something I can set to in the window op.

Hello again!

I went to mission control on mac and then unchecked “displays have separate spaces” and that got it to work! I need to find the right size though because it’s still not spanning all the way.

Thank you!

If you set the following parameters on the Perform OP it will open the window to be full-screen on all connected displays (as long as Displays Have Separate Spaces is disabled as you have done) - the operator being displayed will have to be sized appropriately as @matijaerceg says:

Justify and Offset To…: Bounds of All Monitors
Openings Size: Fill
Borders: Off