Output to 6 Projectors – Floor + Wall projection

Hello all.

I have an installation coming up that involves 3 walls and 1 floor to project a single texture that is mapped correctly. Attached to this post are images of the floor plan + the projector setup I plan on implementing. 4 projectors for the wall, 2 for the floor. I am hoping to get some advice from y’all as to what would be best practice for this.

With KantanMapper, I’ve used only a singular projector in the past, so this is quite new to me, and I’m curious if any of y’all have insight or advice/techniques you could share that could facilitate what I’m trying to achieve for this installation.

Where I’m at now is feeding a 7680x2160 texture into projectorBlend with a 4x2 grid array of projectors, but I am now lost as to what I should do next. I have now this enlarged output with the proper dimensions, but how would I now map this? My naive instinct is to cut up the texture into the 6 different quads and map each each one with Stoner and then output with windowCOMPs. I was thinking also of bringing this texture into MadMapper and creating a grid of projectors there.

I appreciate any feedback, insight, resources, tips, etc. Thank you all so much!!

I have done that for some project and mys solution is to modelize the stage in Blender, with the proper dimensions, to map properly a mapping UV image with colored parts and export the structure in FBX.
In TD, I import the FBX and the mapping image, using over Top to place the image a the rignt place (but concerning topology, its not possible to map the 4 walls without cut…), using a constant Mat.
After that, I place cameras at the VP places with the same lens, shift etc. and I can obtain a quite good representation of the space.
Here are some old tutorials I made concerning that.Unfortunately its a lit bit old and I must redo it one day.

And a performance using it (best visible at 6’10“)
Another one (at 6’30“)
Hope that helps,


Hi Jacques,

This is absolutely amazing, thank you so much. I have a few questions for you.

  1. My stage is of similar sizing/dimensions. Could I simply just adjust the width, depth and height parameters of the uvUnwrapper component to fit the size of my own space, without having to dive into blender?

  2. I see there are 3 outputs to the uvUnwrapper component. How would I then output these to three separate projectors? Is there not an issue of overlapping when I were to output these? If I’m using two projectors for a front-wall projection and then two projectors for a floor projection, could I split VP1 output into a set of 4 rather than a singular texture?

Thank you so much!

Objectively, uvUnwrapper was more an exercize to show some problem resolution for student.
I doesnt use it for real performance because you cannot choose where you cut and where you fold your texture.
I really recommend the Blender way. With it, you have separate structure and texture and you can place and arrange the cameras as you like.
Have a nice day.