Output to Projector

hi There,

I am trying to view TD output to projector screen and for that i am using Window COMP node.
My laptop display is 0 and my Projector display monitor is 1. When i select monitor as 0, output window pops up easily but when i select monitor as 1 which is my projector then TD hangs and TaskManager says “Not Responding”.

Could you please help me with this issue. Here is how my screen looks when trying to open the output window.

can you say a little more about the hardware you’re using -

  • what’s your graphics card?
  • connection type to the projection?

I am sorry RaganMD for giving less details.

I am using MSI Laptop which has 2 Graphics Card.
One is intel UHD Graphics 630
another is NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070.

I am trying to connect the projector to HDMI cable.

I had the same problem with a MSI gamer machine. The problem was Nahimic sound drivers. Try to kill all the Nahimic tasks, and then erase all Nahimic drivers, daemon etc. Not an easy task but, for me, it was the solution.

Thank you Jacqueshoepffner.
I see only 3 tasks relared to Nahimic tasks in my TaskManager.

I also see nahimic software installed in my laptop. So do you want me to uninstall that software as well?

Uninstall all do you can, and kill all sort of startup daemon.
After I made a bash script killing all the daemon
And finaly I found a way to get rid of all the bloatware. It was three years ago, so I forgot how to do it. If you search the web about Nahimic, MSI and problems (there is problems also with daVinci, Isadora and other), you will find a solution.
Hope that helps,


I got the same issue, but I use a hdmi-ethernet converter before my projector.
After a few tests, it seems to me that TD needs to receive metadatas from the projector to work properly.
If your projector cannot send back metadatas to TD, you can use an EDID to emulate the feedback.