Override CHOP doesn't override all the channels

Hello all,
I’m trying to create some presets that I can feed in using Override chop and then continue adjusting and playing with them from the controller (OSC in chop)
The problem that I have is that Override chop for some reason does not override all the channels that I have saved in the preset, it seems to me that if the values from OSCin are bigger then the values in the preset they stay the same (and that means my presets can’t nullify values that I had in the OSCin).
It seems to me that it is something very easy but struggling with it for a few days and can’t quite nail it.
I’m saving the channels from OSCin chop into .bclip file and then feeding them back from FileIn chop and use them as presets. switch between presets using Switch chop. Attaching a screenshot a simplified setup…
Maybe there is a better way to do it?