Paint Masker


I needed something like Photoshop to paint masks in so I made one.

I was surprised that I never encountered anything like this on the forums. Maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough.

Hope this is helpful for someone.


Right-click : Menu
left click : paint
shift+left click: paint black

everything else in the menu should be self explanatory.
You may have an issue on boot because it’s trying to load a save file, hit the save button and then you will be good to go.

container_masker.tox (3.58 KB)

Thank you very much! Great Job!

Thanks for the support, upload any improvements you make. I hope someone smarter will make changes. This could be a much more useful tool if people want to keep it going. I needed something like this on many jobs in the past.

Looks nice, please keep us posted!

Something seems broke in 2020 here… it works as expected if you’re inside the network, but if you’re a level up, pulsing reload refreshes the most recent save for an instant, and then resets to black… seems like the feedback pulse isn’t cooking properly unless you’re inside the network

oops, good catch! Thanks for that, here is an updated file. (forum sw won’t let me update the original post)

container_masker_1.1.tox (3.5 KB)