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Hello all,

I am working on a project with various people and we are using sourcetree git and alot of tox exporting to stay in sync… I would like to use the palette browser if possible since we are essentiallyworking on and building various tools to be used together, however our organizational structure prevents it from being saved in the designated custom component folder, Im wondering if there is a way or workaround to getting custom palette folder locations, and ideally dpeth settings, so it looks within folders.

i would love this too

We Don’t have support for this built in, but you can reuse the palette and hack your way in to do this.

Go to in /ui/dialogs and copy and paste the palette onto somewhere in your project (not in /ui as that will get wiped with each reload).

Then look inside the Palette and locate /palette/palette/p2
Here you need to change the “External .tox” path and the path found in /palette/palette/p2/rootfolder to point to your own userpalette.tox that can live somewhere on your network in your git repo.

You will be able to open this customized as a floating window and you could setup a keyboard shortcut to easily pop it open as well. There isn’t a way to easily have it load in the left palette column. We are going to redesign the palette in a future version of TouchDesigner to handle all this sort of functionality, but this is a workaround for now.


nice one Ben, thx for the tip.
always cool that TD is made of… more TD.

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Sorry for the necro post, but I’m still a little blown away that going to /ui/dialogs reveals the innerworkings of part of the interface so that’s been neat.

7 years later is there suggested approach to doing this?

very cool, but then what to do, as it’s not userpalette.tox but a PaletteData.json file in the /Derivative/Palette folder?