Palette multitouch example weirdness

hi there
im trying to get the multitouch example from the palette to work with a touchtable.
i cant wrap my head around whats going wrong:
if i use the mouse to drag the “pills” around all works good, but when using the fingers on the touchtable, the touched objects mostly jumps away as the position of the finger doesn’t match the position of the object, with this offset the object is movable by finger.
sorry cant describe the behavior better than that, hope someone can verify this behavior and have a solution to this, many thanks!
best luka

Did you already calibrate the touchscreen in your OS? Does it work well with other touch-applications?

yes, the touchscreen works fine with other stuff, happens also on an other brand (3M) table.
it feels like there is an other value in the system when using the fingers, with the mouse all good.
its really a jumping away when touched with the finger, after that its drag-able as expected…
thank you for looking into it!

From my experience having mouse enabled on multiTouchInDAT can result in weird behaviour.
Basicly, because the moment you use your finger, the multitouchIn will override the mouseInput with your TouchInput, resulting in huge sudden jumps, as the mouse was still regarded as an active input.
Try disabling the mouse for multiTouchIn and clearing the table and going again.

thank you for your advice, i tried all possibilities, mouse off, dpi-scaling on/off etc.
but the behavior remains, the multiPinch example in the scene works flawlessly, so its really the multitouch example that has this behavior.
i would be very glad if you could have a look on it, it would help me a lot!
thank and best regards

sorry to re-catch my own topc…
is there no one out there that could give me an inside how to get the scene runnig as it should?
many thanks for looking into it!
best luka