Palette ui ux request

This is a stupid one, but it bugs me just about every day so i figured I’d ask about it. I have a pretty deep user library in the palette I’ve built/accumulated, and it can be cumbersome to navigate with the default behavior

When accessing user items from the palette, every time you expand a folder it pops you back up to the top of the palette, and you have to scroll back down. if you have several nested folders i.e. user>techniques>pointcloud> item, it means a lot of rescrolling, and for whatever reason, the middle scroll wheel on the palette has a super low multiplier, meaning it takes like 8 full cycles of the scrollwheel to get to the bottom of a 50 item list. doing that 3 or 4 times to get at something is annoying

I hunted it down to /ui/dialogs/palette/palette/list/treebrowser/scrollbar/scroll. changing
set offset = ’$arg3*5'
set offset = ’$arg3*30'

gives me a satisfying scroll experience on the palette browser.

I’d love it if something closer to that could be the default value for the ui, or if there were a way to permanently overwrite ui settings on the user side. Still not sure how to change things so that expanding a folder doesn’t bring you back to the top of the list… as fun as it was to dig through tscript completely in the dark, I ended up giving up on that front.

I know this kind of thing can’t be a high priority, but maybe I’m not the only one this is bugging…

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Hi @drmbt,

the skipping to top seemed to be a bug when evaluating the scrolloffset. In a future version the scrollbars are now the default panel scrollbars so this should not be an issue anymore.