Panel.inside confused when in native scaling vs DPI scaling

Hello all

I have noticed panel.inside gets confused if perform window is in ‘Native’ in the DPI Scaling option. This is consistent across ‘Fill’, ‘Automatic from panel/Comp’, and ‘custom’ settings.
All is well if ‘use DPI Scaling’ is chosen instead.
Also, if the DPI scaling on the computer’s display is set to 100%, ‘Native’ works as expected.
The symptoms are other panels reporting as inside, when the cursor is no where near them, and especially if the current mouse action is a drag, such as using a slider.
Currently I’m using 2019.20140 on Windows 10 (OS Build 18363.592) on a Razer 13" with MX150 graphics card.
But have noticed this issue on other builds and other computers.

Here is a small sample toe that reproduces the issue on my computer.
inside_panel.toe (5.3 KB)



Thanks for the example.

So I am unable to reproduce if I just stick to rolling the mouse over the different areas.
However it does fail as described, when I click down and drag.

We’re having a look.