Panel viewer disables hotkeys

I have been trying to start using Alt+[num] hotkey to quickly switch between panel type, but quickly realized that once go into Panel viewer with Alt+2, all hotkeys stop working there. You can try to switch panel type with Alt+[num], or maximize panel, close it, split it - none of them work there. Not sure if this is done by design so that user can use them for something else (which actually makes sense), or if it is a bug - so I thought I should rather report it. Maybe some hotkey manager would help in this matter?

Hi @monty_python,

while not ideal, you are correct, the keys are being captured by the panel itself as you would want to interact with it.



I am experiencing the same issue.

I would like to switch between Panel and Textport with ALT+2 and ALT+9.

Once I am in the Textport view, I can not do ALT+2 to come back to the Panel view.

Is there any workaround? Python code? Hotkeys customizations?

It is very tedious to have to use the mouse for this frequent action.

Thanks in advance