Pangolin Beyond Input INTO TD?

Hey everyone,

I have used the Pangolin node in TD plenty to send data from Touch TO Beyond, but is it possible to go the other way?

I want to be able to access laser data from Beyond so I can make my cues in Beyond. I’ve found it’s much easier to make cues that way.

I don’t know of a way to get full laser data from Beyond to TD but you may be able to get somewhere by sending OSC from Beyond to TD:

I have OSC data going into Beyond really well, but haven’t looked too much into like pangoscript to see how I can send full frame data. Is OSC robust enough to send say entire laser cues?

I’m imagining I want to be able to make cues in Beyond, then send all of the point data out of it as fast as possible. Cues can have huge arrays of hundreds of points, so that feels a little excessive for OSC’s protocols? Unless maybe I can compress the info and pack multiple points into each message?..

Hmmm… I’ll have to keep digging, I just know that there’s an SDK for Beyond from Pangolin, considering that’s how TD has the Pangolin node, but I can’t get my hands on it, and I think you need an NDA from Pangolin themselves to do it.


I have the SDK on hand and it’s only for sending to Beyond, not receiving laser data from it.

I’m not sure if they’d be willing to open that up because I think they want to keep that laser frame data in the Pangolin eco-system. Because in practice if you could receive laser frames from Beyond in TD, then you could also bypass their laser and hardware restrictions (eg. they don’t allow sending to etherdream DACs but TD does).

Wonderful response, thank you Eric.

This clears up pretty much everything and makes perfect sense from a legality standpoint. I actually just got a response from the user named “pangolin” on the pangolin forums about this topic and they mentioned “restrictions” as well along with a way to directly contact William Benner.

I was hoping to use Unreal as the main logic center, but seems like TD might be better suited for that, and Unreal is just the visualizer. Hmmmm… lots more to think about now.

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It seems that the pangolin CHOP can’t communicate with the Beyond 5.1 normally, and it was OK some time ago, have you ever met it please?

When you say not communicating normally, do you mean you cannot see your TD laser frames in Beyond? I’ve encountered this before using a specific build of Beyond 4.0, but upgrading fixed the issue and I confirmed with Pangolin that there was indeed an issue with that Beyond build.

Which version of Beyond 5.1 are you using? I tested with v5.1 Build 1573 and it worked as normal.

Yes, this problem occurs with both 4.0 and 5.1

And what version of TouchDesigner are you using?

I’d recommend contacting Pangolin with your Beyond log files to see if they can diagnose the problem. The Beyond log files can be found in the BEYOND/Log directory.

Did you test completely normal? there is one guy also has this problem in the fb group, he have contated the beyond official .

Yeah, it works for me using Beyond 5.1 build #1573. What Beyond 5.1 build number are you using and what version of TD are you using? You say it used to work for you – if you go back to an older version of TD does it work then?

I am using Beyond 2.1 build 1590, now it work again,but it can’t be used a few days ago