Pangolin SDK Integration

Hello hello!

Currently working on integrating a third party .dll provided by Pangolin for control of their lasers and having a bit of trouble. I have a working version of a demo app in oF but would much rather do everything in touch if possible.

We have verified communication between the Pangolin Beyond software suite and Touch through initialization and passing simple commands such as laser on/off etc, but are running into issues passing frame data which consist of structs containing point and color data. Currently, we are trying to generate this data inside of the C++ dll but will externalize it to channels etc once we have it working.

We have potentially narrowed down the problem to WM_COPYDATA which is used to share information between windows processes and may be failing. Any pro tips or tricks? Run into this before?

Hi! its been a while since you posted this, what happened to this project? I have experience with Beyond and Touch but not with C++ or other languages. I hope all is well! and that you figured out what was the issue :slight_smile:

Hey fflores -

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get around using this particular function within the Pangolin SDK and for some reason, TD isn’t able to successfully initialize a connection while Pangolin uses this method of data sharing.

We ended passing the points using shared memory between TD and an oF app that then used the Pangolin SDK to pass them to Beyond and output. A little clunky but ended up working. Would have loved to get the SDK working natively in Touch, but alas we came up a little short.