Par Exec parameters Member?

Here’s an odd request… I’m writing a bunch of code to look at a par executes and return the monitored parameters, having to parse the ops and pars parameters into a list of parameter objects. Could this be a member of the par exec DAT class? It would just provide a list of all parameters that are observed by the execute based on the ops and pars parameters and custom/built in toggles? Something like parexec.SourceParameters or something like that? or a method if there might be arguments to put in?

1 - You should probably move this into a different forum category as it’s not a request per se
2 - Does:
…not give you what you need?

edit: what is the output format you’re looking for?

1 - this is an RFE, a somewhat strange one, but it is an RFE

2 - No I don’t think so. the pars par of parexecDAT is string parameter I believe, it doesn’t return parameter objects themselves, it couldn’t.

Desired output is a list of parameter objects as i mentioned. If one were to have a parexec with multiple ops defined and a pattern matching string in the pars parameter ( meaning lots of potential triggering pars in different places) then something like this feature could be useful in determining all parameters involved in triggering the DAT. I know it seems odd, but I am essentially retrofitting an existing system with some smarts that need to have this kind of information from certain par executes…

Oh I see, like a loop that returns all the parameters matched by pars for each op matched by op, but only for parameters that are valid/exist for the currently matched op?

ps. sorry didnt mean to sound snarky, i thought you were just asking how to do it