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Par.Help Translator

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Amazing work, Yea.

Do you give it a glossary of words that you don’t translate? Things like TOP become “en haut” in French (top) in some places but remains as TOP in other places.


Thank you for the feedback!

I’ve thought about implementing this, but since I’m using a free service, I don’t seem to have an easy way to do it yet.

If it uses the Cloud Translation API, it seems like it could be done easily: Creating and using glossaries (Advanced)  |  Cloud Translation

(For reference on the query parameters of the service I’m using now): What is the meaning of Google Translate query params? - Stack Overflow

But I would still like to try to do it in a version update using existing tools (e.g. replace a specific protected term in the text with a term that will definitely not be translated before requesting a translation, and then replace it back after receiving the result) (I might be able to try this one of these days)

A quick implementation of the above method (creating a glossary with a hexadecimal hash to protect the term)
I will review this version again to see if there are any issues. :face_with_monocle:

TD_ParHelpTranslator.v.1.38.tox (36.2 KB)

This is awesome! Thanks for all the hard work!

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