Parallax Kinect Sample

I’m sure you’ve seen samples of people using the Kinect’s head tracking to make the monitor act like a virtual window. Here is an example doing this in TouchDesigner.
There is a ReadMe Text DAT in the file that says how to set it up. It’s important you input the position of the Kinect relative to your monitor as well as the monitor dimensions to make this work correctly.

Updated with some typos fixed.
PerspectiveKinect.toe (13.2 KB)

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Awesome, can’t wait to give it a try

does it also work with kinect 1? :slight_smile:

I am still resisting the inevitable…


You’ll have to change the Kinect CHOP to be set to version one, but all it requires is the head position so it’ll work with the Kinect 1 also.

Clean,beautiful and handy.
Thank you Malcolm.

Just used this with a Vive tracker and it works perfectly. I took your code and rewrote it in GLSL, only to realize afterwards i was already getting 60 fps with your python version. :laughing:


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@why any chance you still have the glsl version? I would love to be able to compare for learning purposes. I know it’s been a while but figured it was worth asking!

Thank you in advance if you see this!