Parallel versions overwrite each other's settings


Like a lot of people I have multiple versions of TD installed.

A problem I keep bumping into is that the program settings seem to be saved on a system-wide scale instead of per installation. This causes a lot of trouble with external python paths, as each version needs it’s correct modules compiled for the same version of Python that comes with TD.

Also the parallel installations don’t create parallel Palette folders, which I discovered a year ago and my palette has been a mess of version conflicts ever since >_<

Hi @incognite,

yes, currently settings are saved globally.
Specifically when dealing with external python packages, please have a look at @JetXS article on Anaconda:

Currently imo the best approach.


Oh thats very handy! But essentially it also demonstrates why this should be built-in/default behavior I think.

On a side note: Is there a startup flag to launch td with specific settings?

Hi @incognite,

yup - agreed and it is on our radar. There are currently no startup flags for loading specific settings.


Just to add, for the specific issue of Python paths, TouchDesigner will use the PYTHONPATH environment variable - you could use a script which sets that and then launches the corresponding version of TouchDesigner.

What about the palette, how to deal with this? Can I point a single instance of TD to an individual palette folder?

No, the palette folder is shared between all versions of TouchDesigner.