Parameter CHOP: retrieves parameters in random order

Hey there!

I created my own components with custom parameters (for DMX fixtures) which all works nicely, but when retrieving my component parameters with the Parameter CHOP, they’re listed in a random order (I’m getting the same issue on all my components, see image below with example component: component parameters on the right, parameter CHOP values on the left).

I’m using numbers in the parameter names to get them in the proper order with the Reorder CHOP, but it can get quite messy and creates additional work for each fixture. Am I missing something or is there a logic behind the ordering I didn’t understand? I’m assuming there must be a better / more efficient way to do this?


Parameter channels may be in the order of creation, but nonetheless, you can specify the series of channel names you want in the order you want.

Thanks for the prompt reply Greg! :smiley:
I’m currently using X* to retrieve all parameters starting with X and as you can see in the par2 node, they aren’t listed in the original order. Should I be using a different expression to get them in their original order?

You’re right that the channels aren’t created in the same order the parms appear.
This will now be fixed in builds 2021.15840 and later.

Can’t think of a simple workaround, except either to rebuild the dialog in the same order (you can do this by dragging and dropping parameters onto the Component Editor on a new component),
or manually listing them in the exact order you want as Greg mentions.

You might also be able to write a re-ordering script using the .order member of the Par class, if it’s worthwhile.

Sorry bout that, but thanks for the example.

Hey Rob! Thanks for letting me know & glad it was helpful!
I’ll just keep using my method for now :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the updates! Cheers

Hi Rob! Do you know when the 2021.15840 version will be released? Thanks :blush:

Hey Anthony,
Please email and we can help sort that out.