Parameter COMP background

I really like the speed and look of Parameter COMP, I use it every time I build some UI. However it would be even more awesome with customizable background - right now it is possible to change background only partially. I know this isn’t really important, but lets just take a look at how nice it could be with customizable background :slightly_smiling_face: Inspired by disguise’s transparent parameter style.



One of TouchDesigner’s greatest strengths is it’s flexibility, yet in the parameter department the look can only be adjusted very slightly. Having the ability to change the background colour and text colour would be two brilliant additions. I’d also add font size to this, but hey, I’ll take whatever we can get :smirk:

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Fully agree as widgets are just to expensive to dynamically create . Therefore custom bg color, scrollbar colors and font size would really help


Also gonna drop this one here:

So, def a big +1 from me for even a little mor options here.