Parameter COMP right click menu cut off without access [2020.25380 Windows+Mac]

It appears that on Parameter COMPs whose height is smaller than their parameters’ context menu end up cropping the menu, making some options (e.g ‘copy parameter’) unreachable.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Create two Parameter COMPs inside a Container COMP
  • Set one of the Parameter COMPs to have a height of 80
  • Try right clicking a parameter in the smaller comp to access its context menu
  • Compare to behavior on larger comp

Tested on 2020.25380 for both Windows and Mac. Wondering if there’s a conventional workaround for viewing the context menu when working with smaller Parameter COMPs? Thank you!

bigAndSmallParameterCOMPs.tox (686 Bytes)

Thanks, we’re aware of this issue, but that’s for the report.

No problem! Are there are stopgap workarounds you’ve come across or just don’t let it get too small? A thought I had was to increase the height of the parameter comp when the context menu is showing but not sure how to track this

It’s an unfortunate shortcoming of the Parameter COMP right now, I’m not aware of a workaround.