Parameter COMP - Sections

It would be nice, if the Parameter COMP would show sections.
At the moment it ignores sections, that are present in the operator.

Cheers, David

If you turn on ‘Page Names’ the section lines are included.
Does this help, or do you need them without pages?

This is good to know, thank you Rob.

In the long run, I think it would be nice to have sections without page names as well.

Another thing, that would make the Parameter COMP even more useful, would be the possibility to combine parameters from different COMPs.
We could built unified UI’s very fast.

Best wishes,

In terms of different operators, you could use one parameter COMP per operator, then combine them in a container, aligning children Top to Bottom for example.
Would that help?

That would definitely be an option, but it would be much more convenient, if the Parameter COMP could do this by itself.

Cheers, David