Parameter DAT problem

Hi all,
I’m trying to grab the first page (label names) of my custom pars with an Parameter DAT. It looks like it is just randomly grabbing values from different pages (the resolution is in the setup third page). Does anyone know a solution?

Can’t see how your Parameter DAT is set up here, but in general to get a page of pars you have to specify each parameter in the Parameters parameter of the Parameter DAT. (Sorry for the tongue-twister) There’s no way to specify parameters by page with the Parameter DAT.

The screenshot does look like the Parameter DAT is reporting strangely. If you attach a toe file I’ll take a look at it and try to give you more information.

Hi Ivan, someone on Reddit helped me by writing a script :).

Thanks for your reply!

Still be useful to examine your DAT setup if you want to email it to us. Something seems off in the DAT output as described. Cheers

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