Parameter expression deactivated after inititializing

So I am initializing the dimmer value on an EnvironmentCOMP like so
op(‘light_environment1’).par.dimmer = 0

However I am also using an expression for the dimmer

And when I initialize it deactivates the expression (flag).
Is there a solution for this? I want to initialize AND keep my expression active.

What’s driving your math CHOP here @art3mis - I think where you might start is by setting the value that’s driving the Math CHOP and leaving the expression in place.

Being driven by a Timer CHOP which wasn’t itself initializing properly:)
Goes back to an earlier post of mine on proper initialization of CHOPs.

I tried your delay script trick to initialize the Timer CHOP and now it works.
delayScript = “op(‘timer2’).par.start.pulse()”
run(delayScript, delayFrames = 2)

Huh - that’s also interesting:

What version of TD are you using - I’ve had good luck so far with timer’s starting automatically when they’re loaded in a project.