Particle GPU only shows black screen

Hi, I’m a beginner from Indonesia and having a problem with the particlesGpu node from the left panel.

After I drag and drop it, it doesn’t show any particles like in many tutorial videos on youtube.
I’m using windows 10, AMD Ryzen 7 5700G with Radeon Graphics 3.80 GHz, 32Gb RAM.
I don’t have Nvidia graphics card cuz I’m using integrated gpu. Is that why it doesn’t work? or is it a bug? I’ve updated my drivers but still only showing black screen. What am I missing here?

My setup of the project is simply opening the default candy on a cube, remove all of them, insert videoinput from webcam, optical flow, until here everything works fine, I can see my webcam, I can see the optical flow is working, 60fps on 1280x720p. but after drag and drop the particlesGpu, it only shows black screen. the camera works, optical flow works, only the particlesGpu is not working on the node preview box unlike those tutorials that shows leaves particles or snowflake falling.

Thank you.

Hi @AdiSatrio,

could you let us know what version and build of TouchDesigner you are using? You can see the build and version number in the startup screen or the titlebar of the application.

Also does the particlesGPU work if you are not plugging in the optical flow? I’m asking as there has been a full rework of the component and the new one (in version 2022.20xxx) does not yet support optical flow input.


Hi @snaut ,
it’s touchdesigner non commercial 99 build 2022.25370

Unfortunately no, the particleGpu still doesn’t work without optical flow. it shows only black from the point I put it in.

Hi @snaut . Was there a resolution to this issue? I am running into the same thing. The particlesGpu node is only displaying the bounding box, but no particles. I am using TD 2022.26590, my GPU is a Radeon RX 6800 with the latest drivers installed.

I am having the sme issue on a macbook pro 2014 running big sur any solutions ?

Hi! Did you find any solutions for it? Im a starter now and I’m having the same problem

Hi @rosadina,

could you share information on your hardware and what TouchDesigner version you are using?
Please make sure all drivers are up to date.


yeah a 2014 macbook pro just didnt cut it. Its to do with some new nvidia thing that isnt on older computers. im on a desktop pc with a more recennt nvidia car dnow and its fine

Hi @Gusss,

just to make sure there is no misconception - particlesGPU does not depend on nvidia hardware but there is a chance that older hardware does not support the shaders used.


yes your dead right - I cant remember the exact detals but I went downa big rabbit hole which ended up with me installing bootcamp on my mac (cant remmeber the problem on the osx side ) and then in the windows partition the problem was not having a graphics chip that supported Vulkan … something like that so i couldnt even start newer versions of touch. So mor eof an intel thing than a nvidia thing. Or something… but yes, basicallly my computer was too old.

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