Particle or Lightning Trail using Tracking

I have built a webcam tracking system in TD that draws a continuous line following a light source. The end of the tail decays after 3 seconds.
I’m looking to make this more visually interesting. Is there any documentation doing something similar where a tracked object creates an effect? Visually like a wizard wand with lightning or flame-like particles that would drawn from the tracking point, then disappear from the trail end after the 3 seconds.

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You could emit particles using the Particle SOP, if the line you are drawing is a 3D line with points. Also feedbacks, blurs, blooms can quickly add interest and are quick to setup and play with. There is a great resource for these types of tutorials here:

Hi flyinggotter,

Would you mind sharing your project file or explain how you got your webcam to track a specific point? I am looking to do something similar.