Particle SOP not working


I am new to TD, I am wondering why an error appears when using the Particle SOP. Error states that “not enough sources specified” what does this mean?

If you click the question mark in its parameter window you open the documentation page of the Particle SOP:. If you read that you’ll see on the second line:

In Touch, the points of the input geometry are used as the starting positions of the particles.

So just add some SOP geometry to the first input to make it work - try a Sphere SOP.
See many examples how to use this operator under Help->Operator Snippets -> Particle SOP

I have added a sphere SOP as my first input and referenced how Particle SOPs are used via Operator snippets, but i still can’t seem to get it to work. Should i be adjusting/inputing any parameters for the sphere SOP?

Make sure the sphere SOP primitive type parameter is not set to “prim”, e.g. set it to poly .

Hi, the particle SOP managed to work when I right click and insert it from the sphere SOP. Thank you all for the help !!