Particle systems

Hello everyone,

I am working on a particle system, I don’t have much experience with particles so this is more of a beginner question.

My challenge is having particles floating in space, maybe with a bit of movement, eventually perhaps by the press of a key, those particles would need to merge into the shape of a mesh, preferably a mesh I can import as an FBX and finally after a certain time or press of key again those particle would have to go back to the idle state. Does that make sense? Is that something that can be done with particles in TD?

If anyone has any suggestions or pointer to where I should look at, it would be really appreciated.



Hi, medicenkiko,

You can use FBX files in TD. With particle system or SOP deformations (like noise, fractal, etc.) you might achieve what you want. Or you can import FBX animation which you create as you desire, and drive the animation from TD. Also, you can lock the state of your desired particle system and turn both particle and main mesh(which you might need to convert it first) into CHOP. That way you can drive them with signals and turn them back into SOP.

There are so many assets and tutorials in community. You should check them out.

Have fun!

Hi defektu,

Thanks for the reply! I believe I made a typo by saying I wanted to export an FBX when I meant importing an FBX.

In any case, I will look into the community tutorials and see what can help me with this :slight_smile:

Thanks again!