Particle writing

Trying stuff out, writing some text with particles. Learning fast, thanks guys! Especially Matthew :slight_smile:

TOE: … g.toe?dl=0

Thanks for sharing! I found your “realtime” flag off at the top of the TouchDesigner interface. You should generally keep this “on”.

Glad the tuts are useful.

on the real time topic… I’m writing a particle system too, using instancing for now. Since (it’s bad, but a good test case) my playback rate is switching between 30 and 60, I need to adjust the velocity for it, otherwise particles will go twice as fast at 60 fps than at 30 (since the same amount of velocity will be added 60 times instead of 30).

I tried to use the perform chop timeslice_step and multiplying that for the velocity (i.e. if at 30, timeslice_step will be 2, if at 60, it will be 1). But somehow that still is not working, my particles speed up/slow down as frame rate oscillates… Anything else I should be considering?


Timeslice step is the correct way to do this. It’s what is used for the particle systems I make. Most likely a math error somewhere in the setup I’d assume.

Thanks for sharing this awesome video it is so interesting.