Particles in the center of particlesGPU when using custom particle source

Hello, I’m trying to have a kinect as a custom particle source using particlesGPU.
I got it working but it seems that whenever I use the particle source on the particlesGPU comp there is always a point in the center that is creating particles. As far as I could find it doesn’t really matter what is connected there is always that point.

I’ve applied wind force to it so it’s more visible. Can I somehow get rid of that point or is it a bug?

Build 2022.35230
Windows 11

I’m also experiencing the same issue, it spawing particles at the origin of the camera even with a black input

I’ve managed to create a temporary work around by adding this code to the glsl shader

// ################# Main Functions ##################//
void Read(int index)
	ivec2 texPos = Index2XY(index);
	vec4 position = imageLoad(mTDComputeOutputs[PARTICLE_POS], texPos);
	vec4 life = imageLoad(mTDComputeOutputs[PARTICLE_LIFE], texPos);
	vec4 velocity = imageLoad(mTDComputeOutputs[PARTICLE_VELOCITY], texPos);
	vec4 rotateToVector = imageLoad(mTDComputeOutputs[PARTICLE_ROTATEVECTOR], texPos);
	vec4 initColor = imageLoad(mTDComputeOutputs[PARTICLE_INIT_COLOR], texPos);
	vec4 size = imageLoad(mTDComputeOutputs[PARTICLE_SIZE], texPos);
	vec4 rotation = imageLoad(mTDComputeOutputs[PARTICLE_ROTATION], texPos);

  // fix particle spawning in origin point
  if (position.x + position.y == 0) {
    position.x = 1. / 0.;
    position.y = 1. / 0.;

	// build particle struct
	gParticle.index = index; = int(size.w);
	gParticle.lifetime = life.x;
	gParticle.maxLife = life.y;
	gParticle.state = int(life.z);
	gParticle.position =;
	gParticle.velocity =;
	gParticle.force = vec3(0.0);
	gParticle.speed = velocity.w;
	gParticle.rotateToVector =;
	gParticle.size = size.x;
	gParticle.sizeType = size.z;
	gParticle.initColor = initColor;
	gParticle.rotation =;

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Hi @lex_van_ham and @prismcoders,

the source looks at the alpha channel to decide if the position should be used or not. As the texture comes in with alpha 1 on all pixels, the pixels at 0,0,0 will be created as well as this is a completely valid place for a source to produce particles from.

So what you would want to do is somehow make the alpha channel reflect which pixels should be used for position and which wont.


Hi @snaut, I’m getting problems even if I pass a TOP with alpha it produces a triangular shape from the origin to the particle source

Hi @prismcoders,

could you send a file with the source TOP locked so I can have a look? Wondering if there is any Antialiasing in the TOP that might cause this. You could check by looking at the TOP in the “View as Points” viewer state