ParticlesGpu on M1 macbook not working

when I use the ParticlesGpu on M1 macbook, it looks pretty wired that doesn’t look the same from what I saw from tutorial video, and after I made some adjustment, preview window will just go black…
May I ask if this tool supposed to work functionally on M1 macbook?
Anyone else having same issue?

Please update to build 2022.32120 available here: Download | Derivative

Hi Ben!

Thank you so much for fast reply.
I am using this latest version(2022.32120), but the ParticlesGpu tool still not working as the image I uploaded.
Is there any way to fix this?


You need to grab a new particlesGPU from the palette as the component we packaged with TouchDesigner was changed back to the leaves starting example you see in many tutorials last summer/fall.

By the way, this new particlesGPU will have different parameters than most old tutorials, but the starting point looks the same as the old one so you should be able to explore it from there.

Thanks Ben!
Issue fixed!

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