Pasting text with newline on Table DAT strips the newline

Windows, Build: 2022.29850

When pasting text with a ‘\n’ such as ‘text\nline2’ the ‘\n’ is removed.

This can be verified by printing the repr() of the cell value. Also this doesn’t happen if you set the value with a script.

Hey @gotv

Looks good in latest build with a copy paste, 2022.31030.

Can you try to update?


I wasn’t explicit, this is the case I was talking about.

In this case I copied from the text and it disappeared. But if I do set it with a script as in the next image it still doesn’t show it (which is fine) but it exists.

Ah I see what you mean, ok.

I believe this is not a bug and done on purpose for the multiline text to be put on a single line / in the cell.

I will confirm internally with a developer.


Yeah we currently don’t support multiline cells.

I’ll log this as an RFE.