Patch Modulation with Python Scripts

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One of the most important scripts that I use in a patch is absTime.seconds in order to move something along the X, Y, Z axis.
I tend to use this on a noise TOP in the Translate menu. For the most part, this script enables me with enough movement to create a solid output. I think this is a pretty magical script to get something going. I’m wondering if there are some other python scripts I can learn to use in other TOPs or CHOPs, which people use as their standard to create dynamics or movement. I was doing some personal research and I found the Python reference page, but it’s so comprehensive I’m not sure where to start.


The other one I frequently use is sin(absTime.seconds)

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That’s a great suggestion! Thanks!

Bumping this thread for another potential suggestion!


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Also see all other methods in the Tdu module, like clamp, remap, digits, etc:

Also useful to browse through these;

And Python Tips - Derivative

Also open Help → Python Examples. Is has gotten a nice upgrade last year and now features a treemenu to quickly find examples for many categories