Path generation via noise (jitter issues)

Hi there,

I’ve been working on a system that functions like an 80s style arcade racer (ie. Outrunners, Virtua Racing)

I’ve had success in creating a perspective system based on this file from indae hwang -

However, I’m having trouble with a bizarre jitter across the entire scene every 10 seconds or so. I can’t tell if this is linked to the period of the noise or not, since that’s what’s controlling the road path / motion / perspective.

The system consists of

  1. Road path - generated by noise
  2. Lawn - moving toward the camera
  3. Background - mountains, for perspective
  4. Snow - more perspective
  5. Speedometer - HUD overlay

Various parameters are controlled by two two containers
a. follow out - CHOP readings generated by the noise
b. UI - two sliders to represent acceleration and deceleration

I’m pretty happy with how this is looking so far, and am fairly satisfied with how much I’ve learned throughout the process. Calling to different containers and selecting chops from the ether really takes the possibilities to the next level. Vey exciting :slight_smile:

My question:
How can I generate a path for the road / camera / perspective to follow without getting this bizarre jitter? I’ve tried hooking the path up to an animation comp and controlling it all manually, but whenever I do I lose my path motion completely.

I’m pretty much stuck here and would appreciate any help.

Thank you!

path_follow_noise_01a.toe (29.5 KB)

Nice work MPC - looks cool! Do you mean the little bobble around frame 200 where the camera kind of jerks in window1? I don’t get a real jitter running on my machine - at 60 fps… Is your frame rate dropping?

Hi gordharris, thank you! I’ve put a lot of work into it so far. The jitter isn’t in the framerate, but seems to be in the noise generation. Here’s a video of what I’m talking about. Jitter is noticeable at 00:13 and 00:56.

The noise is being generated in the ‘path’ container, all the way on the left of the project. My gut tells me it’s linked to the period, but I’m not sure how to go about fixing it.

@gordharris wondering if you had a chance to check this out. I’m still stuck!

My apologies Martin. I was away from my machine and replied by email on my phone Tuesday but I guess that did not work. Unfortunately while I did watch it I don’t know how to solve your issue yet. I mainly wanted to understand the problem and in the video I would call it more of a sudden swerve rather than jitter. I am a beginner too and have not used path before but have you tried adding more lag and low pass filtering to get rid of sudden deviations? I am taking the intro course this weekend and maybe they will cover how to use path.

Can any TD guru help Martin out please?

I tried adding a LAG and increased to 1/2 sec filtering. Any better?
path_follow_noise_Add_Lag.toe (31.2 KB)