Perform Mode | Problem with 2nd Monitor (projector)

Anyone knows what’s the best set up for performing mode when two monitors have different aspect ratio?

My laptop aspect ratio is 16:10 and my projector is 4:3, so I find an app that let chance the resolution of monitors. My laptop resolution is 1280×800, so I change the resolution from projector for the same. I created a single performance window which is 2560×800, so I can have both. I used Container COMPs to make sure my output is only in the right half (1280×800 projector) and my interface is on the left half (1280×800 laptop).

In perform window parameter monitor I select 1 and set the window parameter justify and offset to specify monitor to be all monitors and next set up parameter open size to fill. Then I click in perform mode it appears the left half correctly in my laptop but nothing appears in my projector, the other half doesn’t appear at all.

I know that TD recognize the projector because if I set parameter justify and offset to specify monitor to be 1, perform window shows throw the projector. The monitor and projector are aligned horizontally next to each other.

Any idea of what can be causing this or what can I be doing wrong?
Thank u a lot in advance!

i responded in your older thread - easier to keep it in one thread if the issue is mainly the same