Performance Hiccup (probably not TDs fault)

Hi there,
maybe someone here has a hint regarding my performance hiccups, that reveal themselves easily by using the TD performance monitor. I open an empty instance of TD (latest version) and start the performance analyzer with a 100 ms frame trigger. After waiting around 30s to 1min i get the following report.

Total Frame Time is almost 200ms with 130ms of it unaccounted. In other tests, i see a process called “flushing gpu commands” that would take 100ms or more to finish. I suspect it could be a hardware issue, maybe the gpu? The GPU is a RTX2080ti with latest drivers. Did anyone witness something like this?

I’m starting to believe, that i have these frame drops all the time and in any applications, but they are so short, that i didn’t notice them until they started to interfere with my performance monitor in TD.

you can try scanning your machine for any (perhaps preinstalled) bloatware (such as Geforce Experience, Alienware Command Center, Nahimic software, etc) and uninstall those. Brands like MSI, ASUS, ACER, ALIENWARE and many others have a habit of pre-installing all sorts of crap, especially on laptops. Search this forum for “bloatware” for some inspiration on what many other users have found as the cause on their machines. And if you find the candidate please post its name here for future readers!